The best new chic fashion umbrella

Good afternoon family and friends, I wanted to write a short post to outline one of the favorite new things I found. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of the newest fashion items and I love looking cute and chic. I’ve also recently taken an interest in caring for myself more thoroughly and have stopped using sunscreen almost entirely. However, I love being outside so I wanted a way to still enjoy the weather without worrying about the sun damaging my skin. I like to protect myself and worry less about skin cancer and the dangers that accompany it.

What did I find? Probably the cutest sun umbrella I’ve ever seen! Not only is this thing cute, it’s affordable, handmade, and super chic.

Plus, having a handheld umbrella, sure beats using something like this:

Not that something like above is always bad, it can just be unnecessary or not as useful if you want to be moving around and hanging out where you might be impacted by direct sunlight.

The designer umbrella is called The Brelli and it was created by a woman in New York. She has built a wonderful product and a great following on social media judging by my quick review of the pictures and submissions I’ve seen there.

You can see all of their designer sun umbrellas here and also learn more about their products and the different sizes and styles. Some of my favorites are the grey ones, and the pink ones. From what I can tell, the most popular design they have is the small grey model.

Another really interesting fact about their products is the worldwide reach. Here is a picture of a person in Thailand using their clear sun umbrella for protection in the rain!


You can read more about their causes on their site too. One of which is their donations to skin cancer research – which, as I mentioned above, is very important to me!

I also wanted to write a little about the stability of the umbrella. When I was researching, I found a video showing the umbrella withstanding winds of more than 40 (yes, FORTY) miles per hour. That’s INSANE since most umbrellas would flip inside-out or crumble and break. To have a product that is cute, protects from the sun, rain, AND wind, and is relatively affordable? Yes, please!

Since the umbrellas themselves are so good in multiple climates and in various weather conditions, they can be used all season long. I actually didn’t read anything about using it in the snow, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to use it as a snow umbrella too. Maybe that’s an idea to get some pictures of people in colder climates with their Brelli umbrellas to protect from crazy snowfalls – who knows, maybe it’s the next big trend in fashion – shall I start it?!

If any of you have ideas for products for me to review or try out, I’m all ears. As you all know, I’m a huge fashion freak and want to be the first to have all the cutest and chicest things! :-)